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Dr. Blake Miller received his undergraduate degree and then completed his DVM in 2014 at the University of Illinois. While studying at Illinois, Dr. Blake was awarded University funding to continue his research on Barber Pole Worm and the use of dewormers and anitparasitics in mature dairy goats. Also, he was awarded the Dr. William Margrane Clinical Ophthalmology Award for his interest in and dedication to the field of ophthalmology.


Dr. Blake continues as an active member of the American Association of Small Ruminant Practitioners and the American Association of Bovine Practitioners.


Alongside veterinary work, Dr. Blake devotes time to woodworking and plans to set up a basement wood shop where he can continue constructing a hardwood desk, a chicken coop and a bookcase for his new home. While living in Illinois, Dr. Blake took an analog photography class where he learned how to develop and process film.


After purchasing an enlarger over a year ago and now in a house with extra room for a workspace, he hopes to set up a darkroom so he can continue working with film. Dr. Blake’s passion for making is not limited to photography and construction; he also has been brewing his own beer for the past 5 years. His most recent beer, a candied ginger saison, is one of his favorites.


Dr. Blake was born and raised in the American Midwest and although he still finds Illinois to be a beautiful state, he is excited to take advantage of camping, hiking, and exploring the many new opportunities in the Pacific Northwest.